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Yoga for the Village People is our program to introduce and support yoga in small village communities that would not otherwise have access to the benefits of yoga.

We have the opportunity to practice yoga, to learn and grow personally by teaching yoga to the wonderful people in these places.

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This is an educational experience for everyone as you will be able to experience ways of working with individuals therapeutically and how to teach a large group of beginners.

The appreciation that these people have for our sharing is something you will never forget!

The receptivity and eagerness to reap the benefits of what we have to share be it the relief of sore backs from sitting and weaving all day, selling in the marketplace, plowing the fields, cooking for the family or monks sitting In meditation on the cold stone floors of monasteries perched on rocky crags in the Himalaya, the joy and fun of sharing yoga in other cultures is heartwarming and rewarding.

This year after a weaving demonstration, Peruvian village women showed me what they had practiced from last year’s yoga session and told stories of their hands, necks shoulders and backs feeling better.

Help us build a Yoga Space
for the Village People

Deborah has raised the money to contract the land to build a yoga space for the Elders in Bali in the Village as there are at least 100 coming to each class and if it rains there is no where to go inside as the classes are outside for now.

For more information and to donate please contact Deborah. Click here.

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You can be part of this sharing and receive continuing education credit for Yoga Alliance and hours towards Yoga Alliance certification.


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Art, dance, music, ritual, ceremony and a connection to spirit are the heartbeat of each culture and expression of our true nature. Each culture and environment has its own rhythm. We find a part of ourselves in each place we travel and are able to share a part of ourselves. With life as yoga and yoga as an adventure magic happens, as we give back to people who have given to us with the simplicity, love, and strong connection to the earth.

In Bali as many as 87 elders in the village show up for yoga every week with great gratitude and enthusiasm, they too tell stories of being able to eat rice again with their hands, feeling stronger, balanced, happier, and more open in their hips and shoulders.

Global friendships become bridges to world peace and we have fun along the way.

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On the trail we meet like-minded travelers and we gain support for what we know to be true today about our world and ourselves. Every Yoga Adventure brings us home with a refreshed commitment to being fully present in each moment to truth, compassion and a vision for world peace

Yoga has a very strong momentum globally and we are a part of that momentum.If you feel moved to become a yoga teacher in your community or globally or want to be part of giving back with yoga while experiencing village life, surfing, trekking while deepening your own yoga practice and studies please contact us at • photos by David Blehert

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