“My experience in Hawaii with you, your family and the beautiful students is and always will be a highlight in my life and something I will never forget. I learned a lot about myself during those weeks and gained a different perspective on my life and that alone was worth the journey. I have tried to keep David’s words in my mind, “when things get rough ‘flow like water’ “. These simple words have served me well many times. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you; for sharing your love, your gifts, and your knowledge with all of us along the way. I hope you know what amazing, beautiful people you are and what a positive impact you have on those around you. The gifts you give are both immeasurable and intangible.”
- Joannie Salt Lake City, Utah Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training

“Thanks or such a wonderful experience! You are a teacher who truly inspires from within. I am so grateful for all you do.”
- Henri, High School Biology Teacher, New Mexico Hawaii Teacher Training

“The most important teaching I got from Deborah was patience; the body can heal itself, but this takes time and a constant honoring of where you are today on your mat. Even though my knee may never be pain-free, I have avoided that fourth knee surgery and feel stronger than ever before.”
- Faith Aspen Colorado Hawaii Teacher Training

“How sweet it is. Thanks for the wholesome experience, which touched me from the bones to the surface. I hope I will continue to share your knowledge and experiences with us all. I look forward to continue learning from you and learning together.”
- Aaron Carbondale, Colorado Acupuncturist, Chinese medicine man Hawaii Teacher Training

'The training was a truly empowering experience! Deborah's approach to conducting such a training is compassionate, encouraging and includes a unique emphasis on therapeutic applications of asana infused with a beautiful passion for nature/mother Earth! The wealth of knowledge and skills available in the training are invaluable tools and the incorporated element of fun coupled with unique activities - exclusive to this training - make it a worthy investment!"
- Ethan Strahan Washington

I wanted to share my yoga teacher with you. She is an amazing yoga teacher. I did her teacher training in Hawaii and learnt so much from her. She is very authentic. Walks the walk of a yoga teacher. If you enjoy yoga please check out her workshop. She is very focused on injury prevention and correct alinement. Also connecting to nature while doing yoga.
- Serena Breadmore Perth Aurstralia/ San Diego California Naturoptathic doctor

So I have had an amazing week. I taught my 1st PAID YOGA CLASSES. At a cool new studio called Worlds Yoga. I loved it. I planed out my classes got my music all planned out but then in the moment I got really creative and adjusted my practice to suit the people I had in front of me. I taught a kids class that was super super fun. I was so exhausted at the end of class but felt great. All the kids gave me hi 5s at the end of class. I let them play my sound bowel and they loved it. So my 1st week I taught 6 classes!
- Serena Breadmore

Spending time at Hale Kai with Deborah and David was truly an amazing experience and I feel very fortunate that I was able to spend three beautiful weeks in Hawaii. Attending a yoga teacher training was a dream of mine for a long time and I am so happy and thankful that my dream was fulfilled by attending Deborah's yoga teacher training. This was such a life changing and transformative experience for me. Deborah is an amazing woman full of love and kindness. She has been on so many adventures and draws from those experiences in her teaching. She has a passion for her students and teaching yoga. I feel as though she will be with me always acting as a guiding influence in my yoga practice and in my life. Being at Hale Kai was a very special time in my life. Hale Kai is a magical place. Deborah and David have build a wonderful and beautiful retreat that allows students to experience nature and connect with the earth and yoga. I met life long friends from all over the world and experienced the beauty of Hawaii every day. Practicing yoga on the lava rocks with the waves crashing around me was powerful and connected me with nature and my yoga practice. I look forward to sharing my love of yoga and my appreciation for all the wonderful things I learned from Deborah and in Hawaii with students I have the opportunity to teach. And as Deborah says I will continue to "spread the love!"
- Lisa Edwards Colorado

I completed Deborah’s Yoga Adventure 200 hour teacher training in 2011. It was such a life changing, magical experience! From the moment I arrived on the beautiful Big Island, I was greeted with warmth and hugs from Deborah, her husband David, and her daughter Allison. They welcomed me into their amazing home where I immediately felt like family. Every day was such an experience! I had been practicing for years but was completely transformed from all I learned at training. We studied and broke down postures, taught them to each other, learned anatomy, and really broke down the essence of poses. We studied yoga, took hikes, and swam in the incredibly clear ocean every day! We even were blessed to swim with the dolphins! The food provided was delicious and healthy! I often copy many of their recipes! In the 21 days that I spent at Yoga Adventures, I made lifelong friendships, had unforgettable experiences, and, most importantly, left with the skills and knowledge to become a yoga instructor. I am currently teaching yoga at a high school in a suburb of Chicago, as well as teaching at two local heated studios. Earning this certificate has opened many doors for me in life, and has changed my life completely! Thanks Deb and David for offering this wonderful training!
- Jennifer Thiede Chicago

Yoga Adventure on the Big Island with Deborah and David and company was all that I ever could have dreamed of and beyond. As a Yogini, going into this adventure I knew some of what being a true Yogi would entail, and I had hoped that we would be living that way there. I was not disappointed with my expectations at all, in fact, I was in total Bliss. Deborahs love of teaching and sharing the true essence of Yoga is blatantly clear. All of her stories of Yoga and travel were inspiring. David is a warm and loving man.
- Tanya Joy

I am a dancer from Australia who has recently completed the 'Yoga Adventure' Yoga Teacher Training Course with Deborah Koehn in Hawaii in 2013. There are not enough words to describe how amazing and wonderful this Yoga Teacher Training Course with Deborah really was. The location, the lodgings and the people surpassed anything I could ever have imagined. Deborah's love, care and nurturing throughout the 3 week course was very comforting and her thorough knowledge of all aspects of Yoga is so rounded that I could learn from her for the rest of my life! The course is structured very well, giving us a solid foundation of Yoga philosophy, asanas, anatomy, practise and study time as well as opportunities to put our skills into practise. The Big Island of Hawaii is the perfect place to study Yoga and for me, having classes on the black lava rocks facing the ocean is something I will never forget. The full power of Hawaii is felt in all aspects of this training course. Through Yoga Adventure I have not only started my journey as a Yoga Teacher but I have also made lifelong friends, shared so many amazing laughs and experiences, started my own healing from previous injuries and found true happiness. Deborah is truly an inspiration and I feel so blessed and grateful to have studied Yoga under her guidance. Deborah and David, thank you for everything
- xo Lia Muniz Studio Samba

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Deborah goes above and beyond for her 200 hour yoga teacher training students. Her years of experience and first hand knowledge of yoga make her trainings extremely profound and her ability to instill confidence in her teacher training students is exactly what every new yoga teacher needs. The Big Island of Hawaii, and specifically the location of this training makes the training not only an incredible learning experience, but also an insanely beautiful one too!
---Lyndsay Maine

Deborah Koehn is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and conscientious instructor. Her comprehensive materials and extensive background provided both a challenging and exciting learning experience. I would wholeheartedly recommended Deborah Koehn and Yoga Adventure for those seeking an outstanding teacher-trainer experience in an awe-inspiring environment.
--- Brenda  Hawaii

This program was life changing. I loved all aspects of it and truly feel that it has prepared me for more than just teaching yoga. I love Deborah and what she stands for. She really cares about all her students and has a huge wealth of knowledge to share with everyone she encounters. Yoga Adventure is worth every penny. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
--- Brittany Colorado

If you are looking to experience your Training, as if you are in the far east, Yoga Adventure is the place for you. Nature to its fullest. Deborah is very loving and well rounded teacher. She brings in a very authentic Flavor to her teaching. you will leave thirsty to learn more !!!!! Her training took me to another level :))))
---- Orly  Florida

If you are seeking a natural, non-traditional classroom setting, then you should thrive here! There is an incredible natural energy in this setting next to the ocean on the volcanic island of Hawaii. The teaching is heartfelt, which creates a yoga-appropriate non-competitive learning environment so that your innate qualities and skills are developed and flourish. 
--- Kim New Jersey

The program exceeded my expectations. Deborah is a highly inspiring and caring teacher who shares her love for yoga and life with her students. And the school setting is unforgettable. I want to go back any minute.
--- Nina Colorado/Russia

This was the best yoga experience of my life. To be able to spend so much time soaking up the amazing knowledge Deborah shares so generously, is a gift that I am grateful to have experienced. It will always be a part of my teaching and I will treasure all the things I was taught.
--- Caroline Alaska

Completing teacher training with Deborah was a magical experience that was so much more than learning how to become a yoga teacher. I learned more about myself in the three weeks in Hale Kai than I have anywhere else. Thank you Deborah!
--- Natasha Austrlia

Deborah is a highly gifted teacher and guide. i am very honored to be certified by her reputable program!
--- Hooda Hawaii

Attending Deborah's yoga teacher training was an amazing experience. She is a fantastic teacher and I am grateful for my time with her and in Hawaii.

--- Lisa Oregon

Surrounded by pure nature, swimming with dolphins and living daily an outside in life this course is a must for everyone who wants to step off the world and discover themselves as well as Yoga. As a practising Physical Therapist, Pilates teacher, Health Coach, speaker and lecturer in my field for 30 years. I have attended many courses over the years as well as running them. Deborah is one of kind teacher and the location in Hawaii can only be described as magical and very healing. Deborah’s experience, remarkable knowledge and unique techniques plus her passion and thirst for more knowledge shines through delivering the most inspirational course I have ever attended. David and the team (some returning students) were incredible, the food was exquisite and nothing was too much trouble. I only wish I had found this course sooner and cannot thank you enough for the changes not only in my work practise but also personally.

--- Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training 2018 – Victoria Williams UK