Instructional Video

Deborah’s voice and instructions are relaxing, uplifting, inspirational and easy to follow. Deborah has a gift of connecting the student easily to their body through guided imagery while skillfully educating. Allow Deborah’s guidance and soothing voice to guide you through a deeply relaxing savasana set to Hawaiian music. Take the peaceful easy benefits into you life.

Yoga For Beginners with Deborah Koehn

Seated Poses

Experience the freeing benefits of Seated Hip Openers and Twists with ease support and safety through clear and relaxing guidance while enjoying a beautiful Hawaii ocean front scenery and music. Feel the hips and spine release gently in this very accessible sequence with variations and modifications for each pose.

Flow Sequence

A beautiful slow and easy to follow flow sequence set in nature in Hawaii to Hawaiian music with accessible poses which strengthen, balance and open the whole body. Standing poses, seated and supine twists, hip and shoulder opening abdominal strengthening, lower back stabilizing and relaxing. Deborah’s voice and instructions are clear, graceful and skillful.


Reverse Triangle

Easy to follow instructions set in in a Hawaiian ocean front tropical paradise. Deborah’s voice and the ocean waves will bring Pyramid Pose and Reverse Triangle to life in a whole new light. With support, safety and ease Deborah will guide you effortlessly through an inner and outer exploration of the nature and deeper benefits of these wonderful poses opening the hips, hamstrings and releasing the spine while grounding you to the earth.

Half downward Dog and Triangle

Learn to safely and easily open, lengthen and strengthen the spine and legs sending healing energy into the body in a simple yet powerful version of Downward Facing Dog Pose and Triangle Pose. For those who would like the therapeutic benefits of these poses made simple and accessible. Opens and releases and stabilizes the lower back and spine as well as the legs and shoulders This sequence offers the benefits of these poses to those with low blood pressure and limitations due to age and injury. Enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian ocean front setting.

Downward Dog

With easy instruction, support and safety explore and experience the benefits of Downward Facing Dog Pose while freeing the spine, hips, and shoulder allowing the whole body to release and find new strength and flexibility.  Set in a Hawaiian tropical ocean front setting the waves will relax you and connect you to your true nature.

Triangle Pose

Learn to easily and peacefully allow Triangle Pose to unfold with support and safety concentrating powerful healing life force into your body. Stabilize and strengthen and lengthen your legs and spine while opening the hips and allowing the energy to flow freely in your body. Set in a Hawaiian Ocean front paradise Deborah’s voice and the ocean waves will soothe your soul.

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